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Top 3 Authors…Currently February 12, 2010

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Hard to nail it down to just 3!

First:  Thalia Chaltas

Thalia’s book “Because I Am Furniture” rocks!  Written in poetry (usually I don’t understand poetry at all!), this book captures teenage”hood” exactly!  And, it turns out I do understand poetry, since I hoovered this book in a day!

Second:  Diana Gabaldon

Diana’s Outlander series are simply captivating!  The first book was our inaugural selection for my book club.  The most recent offering “An Echo in the Bone” is going to be first choice for summer reading at the cottage!

Third:  Jack Whyte

A friend offered me “The Skystone”–first book in the Camulod-Eagles series.  Immediately, I was drawn in…7 books later…still loving Whyte’s storytelling prowess.

So, what are your fave authors?


4 Responses to “Top 3 Authors…Currently”

  1. Thalia Says:

    Wow! I am honored, thank you Pearl!

    Three of my favorite authors:

    Terry Pratchett (Wintersmith, Nation)
    Libba Bray (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Going Bovine)
    Arthur C. Clarke (loads of sci fi)

    And there are three thousand more favorites for me!

  2. Thalia Says:

    Can I include Dr. Seuss?? I know, I know, that’s four.

  3. deanjbaker Says:

    interesting to see this – thanks

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