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Garden, allergy and book updates March 25, 2010

A busy week!  The garden is in…and…I have blossoms on my yellow pear heirloom tomato!

Now, how many days till I can eat the yellow pear heirloom tomato???

In other gardening news…the baby beans and basil are taking a beating due to some nasty snails.  I read recently (in another blog) that beer is a kind way to slug the slugs!  So, this week I placed 2 shallow bowls in the ground around both basil and beans.  I filled them with coor’s light (I’m not certain if slugs have a preference for domestic or foreign beer–anybody know?)  This is the result:

I’m somewhat satisfied with the catch–we’ll see how the plants respond to this method.  Incidentally, as an added benefit, I read that butterflies like not only beer, but rotting bug carcasses!  So, perhaps this will attract butterflies to the garden too–fine by me!

Additionally (since we’re on the garden pest subject), I have claimed 2 victories over the ubiquitous gophers plaguing the hillside.  I am an animal lover.  Period.  However, these devils incarnate have crossed the line and have forced me to purchase and set traps.  The only bad thing about the traps is removing the dead bodies–but that’s what husbands (or teenage boy neighbors) are for, right?

I also had an incident with some rats…but I’ll save that for another blog.

Update on the allergies:  I went to see Dr.  Tubiolo ( today.  After a lengthy consultation and a skin test, it turns out that I have significant allergies to dogs (uh oh!); dust mites (ick!); oak, sycamore, olive, eucalyptus and acacia trees; yellow dock, russian thistle, and lamb’s quarters…Since all of these trees surround our home and I hike through wild (read weedy) country side, it’s really no surprise that I’m a sneezing, scratching, snotty mess!  Oh, and I have a dog! 

Finally, the book!  Still loving Edgar Sawtelle…

Thanks for all your comments and feedback, readers!

I’d love to hear updates on your gardens, allergies and books…or anything else for that matter!


7 Responses to “Garden, allergy and book updates”

  1. Alison Says:

    Well, BEING one of the biggest slugs I know…I prefer imported… 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    I like the beer idea. I have used Deadline with much success in the past. Since I still don’t have my garden in, no problems with slugs or gophers. Hopefully, Sunday I will have a least some of my plants in. Both the kids have expressed an interest to help this year so maybe over the break they will actually get their hands dirty!

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Good luck with the garden Lisa–AND lucky you to have your kids involved! Double the pleasure!
      Is Deadline a natural product? I’m trying to keep chemically types out of the vegetable garden…but if it works really well, I might have to check it out! Thanks for the comments!

  3. Thalia Says:

    What a delicious cup of beer! Protein included!

    I am so sorry about the dog allergy… I was just telling Kaeva it is probably time for me to get allergy tested, since i had a horrible arm rash this last week from something, maybe pulling ivy. She is worried about the testing skin pricks for me. 🙂

    The other thing for slugs and slimy creatures is diatomaceous earth – I’m pretty sure OSH or Home Depot sells it. It’s just crunchy natural stuff that squishy beings don’t like to crawl over. You put it around things as a barrier.

    Love that tomato flower photo!

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Thanks for the slug/slimy things tip! I’m not going to lie to you…that allergy test hurts like the dickens (and I’ve endured tattoo, black belt test and childbirth!)
      I’ll share some of my heirlooms with you! xo

  4. Ellen Says:

    Hey I can’t believe it’s time to put plants in!! What happened to Winter?
    Love the pictures too.
    I think Doc. Aylor may be able to help you with the Dog allergy. I am pretty sure he helped Elaine M. with her Cat allergy. I believe it would involve you being away from all dogs for like 24 hours after he does whatever it is he does. Is worth checking into.

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