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A good garden day… March 31, 2010

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It’s been a good few days in the garden…the passion fruit is just starting to blossom! I’m counting on a good harvest this year. I just love this flower.  It’s so unusual–almost alien like! But the fruit!  It is divine!

Sad to report that the gophers scored significant points this week.  2 good sized lupins fell prey to the varmints!  I re-set the traps but they outsmarted me!  The traps were sprung with not a corpse in sight!  Now I’m really mad!

Our baby mission fig tree has finally produced some leaves!  Again, very hopeful for a good supply of fruit this year.
The popcorn seed that I obtained at the Santa Barbara Seed Swap is starting to emerge!  Unfortunately the heirloom tomato seeds that I tried to save from last years crop is not showing any evidence of life…

Finally…combining gardening and cooking (2 of my great loves!) I made the first fresh guacamole of the year using avocados from our haas trees, cilantro from the garden, limes from the neighbor…mucho tasty!

How are your gardens progressing?  Success?  Opportunities to learn from? Spring vegetable recipes?  Looking forward to hearing ALL about it!


4 Responses to “A good garden day…”

  1. Thalia Says:

    Two apple trees blooming! The third is a later apple, but I’m hopeful. They are too small to let them set fruit, but it’s still exciting.

    Three blackberries are rockin’ with new leaves.

    I got predator mites (good guys) to apply to my avocado’s persea mites (bad guys who chomp leaf veins and make all the leaves fall off the tree). Applying the good guys today.

    I had to create Cones of Avoidance for the dahlias – made from toilet paper tubes. The snails are snailerizing the poor new growth. So far, less slime.

    My tomato seedlings are happy happy happy and I need that garden dug out pronto! I obviously need digging peasants or slaves or something. I seem to recall that slaves work for free…

    • cdnpearly Says:

      I’m going to have to try those cones of avoidance…the snails seem to be enjoying the beer rather than drowning in it!
      Thanks for your great comments Thalia!

  2. craftymamareed Says:

    Your garden sounds delectable Pearl!! Nothing edible for me but my lilacs are blooming reminding me of my mums growing up in SD 🙂 Roses are budding and looking good too.

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