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A Day on the Ranch April 26, 2010

Yesterday we enjoyed a day in paradise, aka California Lowlines just outside of Buelton.  Less than an hour from our home, we drove up the coast and slightly inland.  It was green, warm, sunny and breezy–perfection.   John (Dey Dey) had planned a wonderful open house for his customers, including interaction with the animals, hay rides, bbq featuring their tasty beef burgers, question/answer opportunities, room to run, and wonderful fresh air to take in.  All in all, it was perfect!

The alpacas were shy but charming.  We were warned not to get too close since they spit (think camels…)

John explained their grass feeding principles and practices.  Each herd gets a fresh paddock of grass (natural–no chemicals) each 24 hours.  We watched as the cows/calves got all jazzed up as their caretakers moved them to their new field.  The calves are about 3 weeks old and absolutely charming!

The children got up close and personal with the other baby animals on the ranch…

As well as a bull and a few friendly horses.

If you haven’t already tried the “Best Beef Ever” ( I definitely recommend it.  You can’t beat the value, the taste, the quality, the customer service, plus you are supporting an important new industry.  You can order from their website or see them at the local farmers’ markets in Santa Barbara/Goleta.

Thanks for a great day John!


3 Responses to “A Day on the Ranch”

  1. Ellen Says:

    What a nice write up and pictures describing the perfect day we had at the ranch! Thanks for sharing your blog. You are a fantastic blogger.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for the great update.

  3. Heidi Says:

    Really nice pictures and thoughts here, Pearl.

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