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Karate! May 19, 2010

Sunday we traveled down to Ventura to celebrate the Grand Opening of the newest USSD Studio AND a belt test.  It was an exciting day with lots of great activities.  Meg started karate before she was born actually.  I continued training (although somewhat modified–no contact, no falling, no sparring, etc) until I was 7 months pregnant!

She officially started training when she was 4.5 years old.  Too cute–a little blonde girl yelling “KIAH!” while punching and kicking! 

She slowly progressed through the ranks–gaining confidence, coordination, focus, self discipline and skills.

In the meantime, I kept up my training and eventually reached black belt (a lifelong goal!)  My dear friend and karate partner Alison and I worked diligently to achieve this rank.  We are really happy in this photo!!  And sweaty!

Now, back to Sunday!  The Grand Opening was a great day!  Over 80 students realized their next belt; we had Chinese Lion Dancers; a jaguar bouncer; thrilling archery demonstrations; instructor form and sparring demonstrations; a live broadcast from a local radio station; free goodies; face painting!  It was a wonderful way to welcome a new studio and also to celebrate the unique community that is USSD.  Thanks to all the instructors and students.  We’re grateful to be members of this group!

And, if you think you might be interested in giving martial arts a shot, I ABSOLUTELY recommend it!  It’s one-stop-shopping when it comes to fitness, safety, flexibility…it’s all good!  Here’s a link to a brief, VERY amateur video of a few moments from the Grand Opening:


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  1. Alison Gonzalez Says:

    What a great post!! xoxo

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