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First recipe of the week… May 31, 2010

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3 summer goals started this weekend!

I finished book 1:  The Help.  Excellent read.  I’d give it a 9.5/10

Recipe of the week: Beef-Tenderloin-with-Roasted-Shallots-Bacon-and-Port

My sister-in-law from Boston selected the recipe.  We got the tenderloin at Costco.  Extremely tasty!  Our guests rated  it 10/10.  The only improvement would be to not use watercress.  It seemed clunky, and the taste did not enhance the tenderloin.  I would definitely make this again for a special occasion. Oh, we also substituted flour for rice flour to accommodate  the gluten-intolerants in our group.  We served it with roasted baby potatoes,  green beans and salad.  Brownies for dessert.  Oh my!

And, today we enjoyed the perfect beach day at Hendry’s beach.  The planets aligned for the ideal seaside experience…parking spot!; dolphins performing like they were auditioning for Seaworld; children playing together happily; moms catching up without interruption; no flies; no fog; not too hot/not too cold; carb filled lunch (sandwiches and CHIPS!)…

Could you ask for anything more?  Well, maybe just “when can we do this again?!”

Still to tackle:  the garden, mosaics, geocaching…

I hope your long weekend was as successful and enjoyable!  Let’s hear all about it!


2 Responses to “First recipe of the week…”

  1. Thalia Says:

    As one of the Mom’s Eating Carbs at the Beach, may I say I agree it was a perfect day all the way around! And my girl left plenty of sand in the bath tub.

    Wow, does that tenderloin look delicious!

  2. Alison Gonzalez Says:

    As one of the guests for tenderloin dinner, I can attest it was AWESOME! Thanks, Pearl!

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