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The wildlife preserve…aka “our backyard”! June 17, 2010

The Santa Barbara Serengeti is alive and well in our backyard.  Recent sitings include:  the darling rabbit! And assorted birds…

Our giant bird-of-paradise is also blooming–the birds are loving it!

My garden goals are underway as well.  I added a couple of new “exotics” to the repertoire.  Including lemon grass and edomame.  I enjoyed my first serving of garden fresh veggies this week–yellow and purple beans.  DIVINE!

The yellow pear heirloom tomatoes have set!  I’ll be eating them in how many days now????

In the meantime, I have had another successful recipe of the week:  Chicken Canzanese.  It got 9/10 ratings from my family. chicken canzanese recipe BTW, I made it gluten free by using rice flour for thickening.  Also, I didn’t have prosciutto–used bacon instead; and I used ground cloves instead of whole cloves.  Still worked like a charm!  I served it with quinoa for our gluten intolerant crowd.  So, it goes in the new repertoire.  Bon appetit!

Book update:  Finished My Life In France.  I really enjoyed this book–combines 2 of my passions:  cooking AND France!  Not a life changer, but definitely a good read.  I’m now into The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.  So far I’m intrigued.  On deck?  Murderous Urges of Ordinary Women.

Finally, gopher update:  7 down, many many to go.  I’m issuing a gopher challenge for the summer.  The winner gets 10 haas avocados!  Comment me if you’re in!

How are your summer goals progressing?


3 Responses to “The wildlife preserve…aka “our backyard”!”

  1. Ruth Francis aka MOM Says:

    It’s fun that you are reading the No. 1 Women’s Detective (or whatever the title). We listened to it in the car on one of our trips to California.
    Mom xxxxooo

  2. Thalia Says:

    I’m in for the gopher challenge, but you have to pick a start date to be fair! You are 6 up (we have only caught one.) Of course, we may only have one gopher left, said Ed. 🙂

    Beautiful photos, as usual – what a sweet rabbit! I love rabbit cacciatore…

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Good point. Start date is today, June 18 2010. Now, how to make it fair…should I “give” you a head start of say 5? Ideas?
      And as for rabbit cacciatore: intriguing but kinda sad, especially looking at that sweet bunny! 🙂

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