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Inspiration Point! By way of Jesusita Trail June 24, 2010

We were inspired–we summitted Inspiration Point (elevation gain varies from 800′ to 1371′ depending on the website–although I’m SURE it was 1371′!!!!).  We were looking for a manageable 2-hour hike for 3 non-hiking ladies with spectacular vistas!  George recommended Inspiration Point via the Jesusita Trail.

So off we went!

Remembering the Jesusita fire of May 2009:

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  The fire was so devastating that it hardly seemed that we would see many living things! I’m happy to say that my concerns were unfounded!  Amidst the char, the trail was teaming with flora and fauna!  Countless lizards…snakes(!)…lots of birds… 

George says that the Humboldt lilies are special this year…and I must agree with him.  They are breathtaking and unexpected!  We had to tread carefully to get close since the poison oak seems to be having an exceptional year as well!

Also surprisingly, there was still an abundance of water. We crisscrossed over the stream several times.  Only one soaker!

The trail was challenging–lots of uphill–but the surroundings were so beautiful that it didn’t seem arduous.  I found it fascinating to see the blackened tree corpses surrounded by lush vines and white flowers (I think they were wild morning glories)

We also enjoyed many different little flowers along the trail–including a few late poppies.

The view from the top was indeed spectacular…although hazy. Unfortunately it really doesn’t translate via photography.  Take my word for it!  It was Inspiring! One of our group must have been a successful girl scout, for she was prepared!  She presented us with the most delicious dried mangoes while we sat and enjoyed our summit. Very tasty!

Overall, I’d rate this hike a 9/10.  Drawbacks being:  I didn’t apply sunscreen and now I’m peeling like a Clementine at Christmas (my own stupid fault–since “prepared girl” had sunscreen and offered–I declined–duh!) and it took longer than 2 hours, so we had to hoof it down the hill a little faster than I would have liked.  My feet were SO dirty from all the dust and ash–even through my sneakers:

Quick update on the summer goals:

1.  Recipe of the week did NOT make sufficient grades to be included here.  Let me say that if you think you should make skillet goulash, RETHINK it!  It did, however, make a tasty leftover by adding copious amounts of red sauce and serving it over pasta!  A silver lining.

2.  No new gopher deaths to report.  Although I did manage to photograph our stealthy quails today!

3.  Finished reading The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.  It was myeah…I give it 6.5/10.  I’m now into The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. So far it’s written diary style (which I like).  This book has been very well recommended to me by multiple sources.  I have high hopes!

So, that’s a wrap for this week.  What’s new with you?


3 Responses to “Inspiration Point! By way of Jesusita Trail”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Lovely photography as always. If you want more company, let me know the next time you go out on a hike. I like most things about hiking – snakes and poison oak, I can do without, thank you very much!

  2. […] We have used all of these items.  And, I must give proper credit to Prepared Girl.  As in the Jesuisita Trail experience where she had great snacks, sunscreen and water; she is the one with most of these […]

  3. jack downing Says:

    question. Was it the trail or the 3 non-hiking ladies, that had the spectacular vistas? lol jake. thanks for the link.

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