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Pearl Jam! And assorted… June 29, 2010

It’s jam season!  Apricots, plums, figs, peaches, strawberries, oh my!  I’ve been busy churning out the tasty combos for the Christmas artisan faires.  Hard to believe it’s prep time already for the holiday season, and yet we celebrated Half Christmas less than a week ago!

The raw materials (thanks to many friends, neighbors and Craigslist swappers):

And some future fruit:  pomegranates as blossom and baby fruit!

Here’s a sampling of the finished products so far (in order): apricot/fig; apricot; apricot/plum and apricot/strawberry.  Still to come: plum, peach/fig and kitchen sink jam (aka:  all the leftover fruit in one big pan!)  My dear friend Thalia and I taught a class on Saturday to 6 jam “newbies”.  So fun! So rewarding!  Can’t wait to sample their concoctions!


1.  No new books or gopher updates.  Still enjoying the  Many Secret Lives etc.

2.  Recipe of the week…I’m torn about posting/not posting this recipe.  I loved it!  Daughter and husband–not so much!  In addition to really enjoying the flavor, I was impressed with the method of cooking it.  So while the fam didn’t care for the flavor, they did think it was well cooked.  So, I am including it!  Let me know if you try it and how it’s received at your house!

Fire Roasted Asian Chicken My variations:

i.  I threw all the marinade ingredients in a tall narrow container and used the braun mixer.  Worked like a charm with minimal prep work.

ii.  I omitted the 3 red chiles (because I am precious!).  I did, however, shake in a few red pepper flakes–which provided PLENTY of heat for my Canadian taste buds!

iii.  I also put some of the marinade on some sliced (length wise) zucchini and bbq’d them as well.  Very tasty!

3.  Plans for mosaic’ing are in the works!  Can’t wait to break some pottery and glass!

4.  Garden is coming along.  I will be enjoying my first tomato tomorrow morning with my 2 egg/spinach/cheddar/avocado omelet!  Lucky me!

Finally a photo of our dog, because he’s so darn cute!  And happy Canada Day, Happy Independence Day!


4 Responses to “Pearl Jam! And assorted…”

  1. jerrylwatson Says:

    Man! This makes me hungry all over again. One of my great loves is jam/jelly; all kinds of it. My biggest complaint when eating out is the restaurant that scrimps on the jam. I love the stuff and you make it look great! Thanks!
    Jerry Watson
    The Antiquarian Chronicles

  2. Thalia Says:

    Oh, that fabulous fruit! Luscious!

    I find it greatly amusing that we both have a Kitchen Sink jam this year! Perhaps I should add the moniker “Cambridge Drive” on mine, so none of our jam clients confuse the sinks. During our 18 months of various fires here in SB, I made a Gap Fire jam, which was all the fruit on the counter when I was evacuated – when we were allowed back, I came home and made jam before it all spoiled.

    Love that little Yellow Pear tomato!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I had so much fun learning how to make jam with you and Thalia! Thanks for making it a fun and delicious lesson! I can’t wait to try it on my own.

    Ellen 🙂

  4. Emily Says:

    LOVED reading your blog friend!!!!! Already looking forward to your next post : )

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