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The garden is exploding! July 26, 2010

Well, not literally, but it’s really producing!  This week my new recipe used the lemon grass I planted a month or so ago…Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken.  Holy cow!  Was it ever good!  Even our 8-year-old enjoyed 3 servings of it!  A couple of changes:  I used a little less than called for curry (due to “precious Canadian taste buds”); swapped 3 chillies for a few light shakes of red pepper flakes (due to aforementioned taste buds); I tossed in a few sugar peas–shells and all–at the last-minute.  They really worked with the whole dish.  I served it over brown rice.

I also experimented with a couple of new jams–taking advantage of the abundance of my garden and my neighbor’s orchards.  First, peach/passionfruit.  Whoa!  It rocks!  Early in my blog I featured some photos of the passionfruit in blossom–quite unusual and beautiful flowers.  Now they are ready to harvest.  Sooooo good!

I made some peach/plum/kumquat jam last night, with kumquat courtesy of Lisa; peaches thanks to Rhonda; and plums were a gift from Heidi!  I mashed up the kumquat since they can taste a little bitter.  Mashed, however, they fill out the flavors of the peaches and plums without shocking chunks of bitterness.  The color is also remarkable.  I might be done with jam for now…unless I can hook up with some fig people!

Additionally, the ginger is taking off.  I’m not sure if we can eat the roots or not–but the flowers are glorious!  These orange ones are not as fragrant as the white ones are, but still, very showy. The mini dahlias are also blooming currently.  So pretty!

One of our orchids is fairly bursting!  Photos of blooms will follow, likely  next week:

I spent a glorious morning mosaicing with Melissa.  I was able to cover a 10″ terra-cotta pot…the glue is curing presently.  I’ll grout and seal this week and share the results here.  I went with a blue and white theme, utilizing broken plates from our kitchen over the past year.  I scavenged the local thrift store for some red dishes…next project will definitely include red!

We enjoyed 2 beaches this weekend too–Hendry’s Beach with our dog.  Later, Goleta beach.

So, summer goals are well underway.  Hope yours are too!


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