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The trip…so far…. August 18, 2010

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Well, as promised, I’m posting from The True North, Strong and Free!  That’s an excerpt from the Canadian National Anthem for my American friends–although you probably recognize it from the Winter Olympics final hockey game when it was played during the medal presentation!

Unfortunately I don’t have photos today, since I can’t upload my pictures to any computer but my home.  So, turn on your imaginations and fill in the blanks!

First off, I must say that flying Virgin rocks!  United, American, Air Canada, USAirways etc:  you better pick up your game, because Virgin beats you EVERY time in pricing, comfort, human decency, customer service…I could go on and on!  I say this even after taking a red-eye from LAX to YYZ with my 8-year-old daughter (who did not sleep a wink for 24+ hours) and a very full flight.

Anyhoo, we arrived, exhausted and discumbobulated, but happy to be in Canada.  Our dear friends generously offered us their car, and we drove an additional 6 hours north.  Part way up to the cottage, I looked around and took a deep breath, realizing how great it is to be home!

The cottage was wonderful.  Highlights include: 

  • A campfire with our family and cottage neighbors, where they brought 2 bagpipes, 3 ukeleles, musical spoons, s’mores and lots o’ songs and skits.  Perfect.  Oh, and NO BUGS!
  • Star gazing on the dock, enjoying a spectacular showing of the meteor showers that annually pass through our galaxy in August.  Oh, and NO BUGS!
  • Enjoying family time with my sister and her family.
  • BBQ
  • Boat ride to the Wolf river and hiking up a brook that can only be described as babbling.
  • Sunsets
  • Sleeping in
  • Board games
  • Reading
  • Swimming in Jack’s Lake for the first time in 3 years!!!
  • Warm, sunny weather (first time in 3 years!!)
  • Quiet, unplugged time
  • LOONS!  We saw several adults and 2 babies!  I believe that loon calls are amongst my most favourite sounds in the world.  Check out this website to learn more about loons and listen to their call:

Lowlights include:

  • Too short a visit (only 5 days)
  • A raging sinus infection that kept me in a painful, snotty fog.  However, there is a silver lining to this (sorta)…since I couldn’t taste/smell anything, my usual gluttonous intake of butter tarts and homemade vanilla fudge was curtailed–why waste calories on things you can’t taste, right?
  • 3 hour wait at urgent care to see a doctor (for a 5 minute “consultation”) and a 40 minute wait to get meds.  Anyways, I’m on the mend now, and I’m pretty sure I have a crush on azithromycin…3 days into these antibiotic miracle pills and I’m feeling significantly better for the first time in 10 days!

So, that wraps up the cottage.  As of now, I’m hanging with the same dear friends who lent me their car.  We’re heading over to Blue Mountain for the weekend where we plan to enjoy a Nordic Spa.  Next week, I’ll drop down to visit my folks for a couple of days and then it’s pick up Meg (she’s at sleepover camp for 2 weeks!)-fly back to Cali-start school–all in fast forward! 

Other updates:  I finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I’m going to give this book a 7.5  Definitely intriguing, original, captivating.  I struggled a little with the convoluted finance/political/conspiracy plot.  Turns out I kinda skim over those types of details, so I think I missed out on some of the mystery and the clues.  However, I would recommend this book with reservations…Mom, I don’t think this a book for you.

I’m now into Away by Amy Bloom.  I’m undecided if I like this book or not…

So, enough about me!  How’s your August going?


2 Responses to “The trip…so far….”

  1. Thalia Says:

    So… are ya saying that s’mores was the new recipe you tried for this blog post?

    Glad you are having a grand time! It’s finally hot here in SB… hopefully the tomatoes will finally color up.


  2. Emily Says:

    Wonderful recap and post!!!! Loved ALL of the details and from a former midwesternern -so glad there were NO BUGS 🙂 OXOXO Em 🙂

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