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The Art Walk… November 23, 2010

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Today I toured an Art Walk at my daughter’s school.  In a word…AMAZING!  The staff displayed work from toddlers to jr. high students in beautiful fashion throughout the campus.  I photographed a few to share:







Meg’s Self Portrait (may I point out the accessories and eyeliner she appears to be wearing????)  🙂

Each of the collections featured a different media or theme, including:  still life, print, self-portrait, mixed media, sewing, charcoal, easel, acrylic, ink, colored pencil etc…SO impressive!  SO beautiful!  SO inspiring!






In addition to the art displayed in the “gallery”, each class presented some form of performance art including this rendition of Frere Jacques:

Thank you Santa Barbara Montessori School (aka The Best School Ever!) for a wonderful day and for an amazing education for my daughter.

To continue with the “Recipe of the Week” filing:

Success!  I created a really tasty Cottage Pie.  My dear friend Lisa enlightened me to the difference between Cottage Pie and Shepherd’s Pie.  With the cool, rainy weather this week, I felt the need to make some comfort food…thus the Cottage Pie.

1.  Scrub and de-ick 4 large-ish potatoes.  Cut into quarters and boil until mashable in salty water.  Oh, and I threw in a couple of garlic cloves too.

2.  Chop up a half a large onion, saute in a large skillet with some olive oil.

3.  Add 1 pound of hamburger and the contents of one link of sweet italian sausage.  Brown.

4.  Add a couple of dashes of parsley and thyme and a single dash of nutmeg to the browned hamburger.

5.  Add in several glugs of Worcestershire sauce and a generous glug of stock (I didn’t have any beef stock on hand, so I used the Hearty Vegetable Stock from Trader Joes).

6.  Barely simmer.  In the meantime, grate up 2 large carrots.  Drain and mash the potato/garlic with a glug of milk, a generous dollop of butter, a tiny dash of nutmeg, fresh ground pepper and a handful of grated white cheddar cheese.

7.  Assemble:  in an 8×8 pan, dump all the meat.  Spread the 2 grated carrots on top.  I added a layer of frozen corn and frozen peas since I had them on hand (you can sub in your own veggie choices here).  Place the potato mixture on top of the whole thing.  It rises above the top of the pan (this wasn’t a problem for me).  Sprinkle some paprika. 

8.  Pop it into a preheated oven (400 °F) until it’s bubbly.

9.  Serve!

10.  Enjoy leftovers that have melanged over night in the fridge!

Books:  I am reading Cutting For Stone.  Definitely enjoying it!  Thanks for the loan Kathleen!

That wraps it up for today!  Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends!  Have a wonderful long weekend.




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  1. kathleen Says:

    Glad you liked the book. Will try your recipe with amendments for our diet.

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