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Holidays! December 23, 2010

Wow! How did it get to be 12/23 already? Christmas Eve eve…checking in: Gifts purchased and wrapped? Yes! (I actually created a spreadsheet this year to keep track of who, what and when gifts should be purchased and delivered–it really helped!). Turkey thawing in the fridge? Yes! (I plan to use the brine recipe from Tday). Christmas recitals and performances done and youtube’d? Yes! Christmas baking done? Kinda (I made banana bread this year instead of cookies–but that still counts, right?) Christmas cards mailed out? No! But, the family photo is scheduled and I’ll be sending out New Year’s Cards (that also still counts, right?) Tree up? Yes!

We’re good! Phew!

Tomorrow we join with our California family–Heidi, Jim, Hope, Seanny, Erin, Dennis, Meghan, Alison and Kyle (plus assorted others) chez Jeeter. Christmas Day, we’re all here for turkey and sides. I’ll be making the Recipe of the Week as well: Pioneer Woman Rosemary Rolls. These marvelous morsels were recommended to me by the same friend that introduced me to the Salty Caramel Brownies. SO tasty! SO easy! Here are before and after photos from last night’s trial run:

I purchased the frozen rolls at Vons (Bridgeford Parkerhouse Rolls). If you have not finalized your Christmas Eve/Day menu, I urge you to consider adding these beauties. Tip: Make WAY more than you think you need, because they are THAT good. Seriously! Thanks again Kelly for the Pioneer Woman Link.

Still reading the same book: Cutting For Stone. Still enjoying it, but my reading time is abbreviated with all the holiday festivities.

No gophers–it’s been too wet for even those miserable creatures to venture out.

I wish you all a beautiful, peaceful Christmas and a New Year that is exciting and hopeful. A final Christmas gift: Joy To The World on the violin, guitar and “sax”. Click here to enjoy!

Merry merry!


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