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‘tween Christmas and New Years… December 28, 2010

The week between Christmas and New Years…what to do?  Well, today we enjoyed some geocaching!  6 of us ventured out to More Mesa for a morning of treasure hunting. We found 6 out of 9 caches.  2 were flat out DNF’s, but one was a choice: we approached ground zero but a barrier of poison oak and a mucky pond stopped us from finding the treasure.  We had 3 newbies with us and I’m happy to say 2 out of 3 found something–we have to go out again with Erin  W. so she can make her first cache claim.

It was a spectacular day on the Mesa…perfect for the ‘tween season!

We concluded our geocaching with an In N Out feast!

We also enjoyed Seanny and Erin + friends’ annual soccer game on Boxing Day.  Here are a few highlights:

We also visited the ophthalmologist and good news:  Meg is on an official 2 month break from glasses!  We’ll go back in February to see Dr. Silverberg to assess how she’s progressing.  Happy!

Throw in some karate and wii, and that’s the week between.

Recipe of the week:  Turkey Pot Pie.

In an oven proof skillet: olive oil + leeks sliced thinly + raw carrots chopped finely.  Saute till leeks are soft.  Add some minced garlic and cook a minute more.

Pour in a glug or 2 of white wine and stir till reduced.  Add a tablespoon or 3 of flour and sage (fresh or dry).  Stir and cook for 2 minutes.  Add in a cup or 2 of chicken stock and continue stirring (till it thickens).

Add in some cooked turkey (or chicken) and frozen peas or corn.

Cut a piece of puff pastry to fit over the top of the skillet.

Pop it into the preheated (425°) oven till the puff pastry looks golden and puffy.


No new books or gophers to report on.  Next up?  Denise arrives from Boston for New Years!  Can’t wait.  How did you celebrate the holidays? Hope it was special.



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