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Holiday Recap… January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!  Happy to see the end of 2010.  Even more happy to welcome 2011.  I hope it’s the best year yet for everyone…

True to form, there is a delay between an event and my blogging about it…I’ll jump in where I left off:  the week between Christmas and New Year’s and take it forward to New Year’s Day.

Denise arrived!  She brought treats!  East coast lobstahs and authentic clam chowdah!  More about these tasty morsels in a moment.

The Downing clan enjoyed a pedi!  Some of us needed a pedi more than others!  These feet shall remain anonymous to protect the innocent.  I will reveal that the “callous remover” was miraculous!  We witnessed an amazing transformation! Here are before and afters:

We also had our annual family photos taken.  Steve met us at the Santa Barbara Courthouse on a cold and windy day to capture our likenesses.  Here are a couple of highlights:

Our other activities included a trip to the Chumash “resort” and a wonderful lunch at Brophy Bros.  New Year’s Eve was uneventful chez Downing.  However, New Year’s Day was a wonderful kick off to a promising year.

The menu:  fresh guacamole (made with 8 avos from our tree, fresh cilantro from the garden, limes from a neighbor).  Polished off in short order!  Aforementioned chowdah; chicken wings; rosemary rolls; mashed potatoes & mac/cheese–thanks Heidi; lobstah salad; steaks with “the rub”…so tasty!  The feast was enjoyed by the Downing clan and dear friends.  Perfect!











By Monday morning all our out-of-town family had departed, school started, Christmas tree came down…and sigh…we were “back to normal” whatever that is.  A little bittersweet since the holidays were especially wonderful this year and it was hard to gear down after all the excitement and activities.  However, 2011 seems full of potential and ready to be embraced.  I say “BRING IT ON!”

I hope your holidays were special and that 2011 fulfills your dreams…


2 Responses to “Holiday Recap…”

  1. Thalia Says:

    Lobstah! I’m droolin’ here….

    🙂 Thalia

  2. Erin Says:

    The infamous black foot….ughhh

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