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Carpinteria Beach…in January! January 18, 2011

After weeks of whining about cold weather (I can see your eyes rolling, you Canadians!), we finally have enjoyed some fantastic weather and happily I was able to take full advantage of it by visiting 2 local beaches over the weekend.  Yesterday we met up with some friends at the Carpinteria State Beach at low tide.

I don’t think it’s considered bragging if I’m truly grateful for the environment in which I live, is it?  I’m sure  it must have been 80°F with a light wind and not a cloud in sight.  To say that I am still in awe of weather like this in January, even after 16 years of living here, would be an understatement!  Surreal, I tell you–especially when I learn it is -30°C back home!

Anyhoo…it was a great day for sea life, in addition to the blessings of the warmth and sunshine.  Because of the low tide, we observed crabs, star fish, anemones, mussels, and eel grass.   



A docent was present to answer any and all questions as well as to protect the wildlife in the State Park.  Nearby seal lions give birth to their babies, so it is not unusual for them to swim around these tide pools–we saw a couple, but they were too quick for my Canon!

We also enjoyed pelicans and dolphins!

The waves were powerful, drawing many surfers…

The perfect day!




Updates: I finished reading Cutting For Stone.  Loved it!  What a fascinating plot–very unlikely, and yet completely gripping.  Currently I’m reading Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe by Sandra Gulland.  It’s the sequel to The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. which I read last year.  It’s a captivating series about the French Revolution as told through Napoleon’s wife’s (Josephine) diaries.  Looking forward to picking up the final book in the set.


One Response to “Carpinteria Beach…in January!”

  1. Emily Reed Says:

    Thanks for a great day friend and the most EXCELLENT photos!!! 🙂

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