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Fauna Troubles… May 29, 2011

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“Mom, do you think the Easter Bunny left this for me?” asked my 9-year-old daughter on Easter morning.  I looked into her hand and as I choked back a little vomit, I said “No, I don’t think so”…her extended palm revealed a still bloody, and perhaps twitching (I might be exaggerating on the twitching part) detached lizard tail.   Still reeling from the scene, my mind leaped ahead…somewhere in our house there was a lizard sans tail!  Meg found the “thing” under her bed, so maybe it was in her bedroom?  I firmly and quickly shut the door on all possibilities of where the creature could be…

Until yesterday…

Dashing into the shower, I happened to look down and saw “it”.  Take note of a couple of things:

1.  Missing part of its tail.

2.  Blurry picture due to my shaking hand!

3.  Please do NOT take note of the dusty floor!

4.  Observe the open mouth and huge teeth, glaring eyes and aggressive posture!
I considered running, screaming from the bathroom.  Then I remembered, I am a BLACK BELT for God’s sake!  So, I stayed and weighed out my options:

1.  Dennis was away.

2.  Seanny lives in Austin (although I did send off a quick photo and text pleading for an immediate flight home to handle “the situation”.

3.  The teenaged neighbor boy did not answer his phone.

Solution:  Put a large box over the lizard until help came.

Enter Meghan.  “Mom, why is there a big box in the bathroom?”  I explained the situation.
In true Montessori fashion, she decided to assess and develop a plan.  Investigation involved a large flashlight to determine the size and location of the lizard.  Step 2 included newspaper, paring knife and scotch tape.

After carefully sealing the box closed, she slowly carried it outside and released it lovingly back in to the wild.

While I’m not proud of my cowardice, I am extremely proud of my daughter’s bravery.  Inspiring, actually!

In the meantime, I have trapped and disposed of 2 gophers.

Simultaneously, our dog has a monstrous hot spot on his tail.  We believe it started from a fox tail/barley beard that lodged in his fur last Saturday night.  Within 8 hours he had chewed his tail till it resembled raw hamburg.  $250 later–vet visit, sedation, surgically cleaning up and treating, meds and an “Elizabethan collar” aka “the cone of shame”, Frankie is still hell-bent on attacking his tail.  Taking off the cone for more than a few seconds puts us back at square one.  It’s been a long week and I foresee another lengthy one ahead.

Unfortunately our bird’s birth control shot seems to wearing off.

Rabbits seem to be multiplying…not sure exactly what to do about this.  I can’t bear to think about exterminating them, but they have breached the vegetable garden and I have observed them chewing on my roses…any suggestions?

I’m ready for a recess from fauna drama!

Books:  Just finished Islands Apart.  Not my favorite book, however it offered insight into camping experiences on the Channel Islands.  I found it fascinating since I am not a camper by any stretch.  I enjoyed his adventures vicariously.  I have now started 2 new books:  Agent Zigzag and Unbroken.  Interestingly, both are World War II true stories.  The comparison/contrast should prove thought-provoking.

No new recipes.

The rhubarb seems to have taken hold!


6 Responses to “Fauna Troubles…”

  1. emilyjreed Says:

    All I can say is “uuuuuuaaaggghhhhhh” to that lizard – mouth a gape dinosaur looking – photo. Stomach turning. You get bravery points just for getting the shot off. Feeling a little bluekie in the chewkie, Emily

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    I am glad I had not eaten breakfast yet when i read this post or there might have been more than a little throw up in my mouth! Yowser that guy looked mad!!! I am not a fan of the lizard snake world at all. Give me something furry any day of the week and I will be happy!!! But lizards–ick. At least your daughter could handle the situation !! And your poor poor puppy!!! The cone of shame must be horrible to endure when all the other doggies walk by….hoping your fauna drama comes to a swift end!!! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Thalia Says:

    Pearly, I just love the fact that you can carry off a gopher, but not a lizard! Yes, dead is much different than alive and hissing, though. Next time, call me – I’m right down the street and lizards I can do. But never mind – Meg is Lizard Wrangler Extraordinaire and you don’t need anyone else!

    As for the rabbits… get a big hawk?

  4. Where is Marlin Perkins when you need him? Meghan took the bull by the horns so to speak..Hmmm lizard tail soup.. Sounds interesting.

  5. Mark Says:

    Great job Cheryl, like the blog. Are you sure you are not wearing lizard skin boots now? See you later this summer.

  6. […] call them creepy crawlies.  As my readers will recall, I’m not enamored with lizards (see Fauna Troubles post).  In fact, I recently experienced a near coronary when a small lizard appeared on my car’s […]

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