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Catching Up July 5, 2011

It’s been a month since I made the succulent wreath.  What?  How can that be?  I’m sure life is flying by in your world too.

So, let’s catch up!

Garden:  It’s doing well.  Check out the thistle and bee…so cool!  Up close it kinda looks like a sea creature.

I’ve enjoyed the first heirloom tomato of the season (black prince–a russian heirloom).  Very tasty!  We’ve also had a few beans.  Thanks to Lisa and Jim (I raided their garden while they were out-of-town–with their permission!) I had several wonderful meals of green beans and tomatoes–thank you!

I’m planting a third crop of green beans today in the hopes of extending the season into the fall.

The Easter Lily is finally blooming!  It’s simply beautiful, although it does seem confused as to what time of year it is.

Transitioning now into FOOD and Recipes:

Jam season was in full swing a couple of weeks ago…tapering off now till the peaches and passionfruit are ready.  I created a number of different combos using: organic blueberries, rhubarb, apricots and plums.  So far about 4 dozen are packed away.

I tried a new recipe: baked grapefruit (again thanks to Lisa and Jim’s bountiful garden).  I enjoyed this dish last fall at a B&B on Cape Breton Island.  Cut a grapefruit in half and pre-cut the sections for easy eating.  Mix together a dollop of butter, some brown sugar and a dash or 2 of cinnamon.  Place it on top of grapefruit.  Broil the grapefruit to caramelize the brown sugar mixture (about 5 minutes), garnish with fresh mint.  Bob’s Your Uncle–instant impressive tasty breakfast dish! Make sure you put the grapefruit in a pan while broiling–the juice spills over a bit.

Recently we ate at Pizza Mizza in the La Cumbre Mall.  We can all find something we REALLY like at this restaurant, including gluten-free crust for Dennis.  I personally choose the Santa Barbara Mixed Green featuring: Mixed greens topped with tomatoes, chopped pistachios, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese. Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette.  What’s not to love there, right?  My entrée of choice is the BBT (Bacon Basil Tomato): Crumbled bacon, tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese,and our gorgonzola and rosemary white sauce.

Emily and I also checked out Simply Pies.  I’ve had their quiche before, and the strawberry/rhubarb pie was equally amazing.  Although the photo may suggest that I had an entire pie, I assure you, I only had a single slice! Have you tried any other flavors?  I need recommendations for my next visit!

Critters:  3 more lizards have found their way into the house.  All of them have full-grown tails. I’m not sure if it’s “our” lizard coming home to show off his new tail, or maybe he spread the word about our hospitality?  Or perhaps we’re lizard magnets…

Our neighbors have taken an interest in our growing rabbit situation.  The boys created this humane rabbit catcher (they will release the bunnies in a verdant field far far away).  To date, nobody has fallen for it…we live in hope however.  The boys are re-working the concept.  We eagerly await Bunny Trap II.

Books:  3 tomes completed since my last blog.  Agent Zigzag is a true story about a double agent.  It’s a fascinating tale, but I got bogged down in the details.  I believe it would be a great movie though.  Second, I read Unbroken.  Reviewers included words like staggering and mesmerizing.  I must agree with them.  I stayed up way too late reading this book–I just couldn’t put it down.  Finally, I finished Displacement.  It’s a young adult novel written in verse by one of my favorite authors EVER.  Simply put:  Thalia Chaltas rocks!  Can’t wait for her next book!

Other activities:  we enjoyed a guided hike up Rattlesnake Canyon with a small group and 2 docents from the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens.  Our guides were Kiwis (love that accent).  One was a botany expert, while the other was into rocks and formations.  The perfect combo for our outing.  The garden is offering more community events like this.  Check out their website for future hikes/lectures etc.   This photo shows the old Chumash/Mission dam…beautiful!

Well, that’s it for now.  Next post will feature Lake Nacimiento.

Happy Summer everyone!


2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Wow-what a lot you have done since the succulent wreath!!! LOL Great to hear all your news and I think I am going to have to check out those books..they sound enticing!

  2. Thalia Says:

    I am glad you liked DISPLACEMENT! And so wonderful to see you at the book launch. So what’s up with the attraction to lizards? Is it the house, or you?? Animal magnetism, I’ll bet. Or… pie. You left pie out for them, didn’t you? (Looks yummy!) xo, Thalia

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