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Detour! November 9, 2011

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I lost my blog mojo.
My last post (about mosaics) disappeared into the ether. I just couldn’t summon up enough creative energy to recreate it.
In the meantime, our daughter was diagnosed with stargardts disease. So my attention and energy has been diverted to learning about the disease, doctor’s appointments, insurance codes, discovering resources available and necessary for the visually impaired, etc.
Dennis has been diligently and thoroughly researching treatment options (there is no cure for stargardts yet). His quest has led us to a clinic in West Virginia. It provides intensive acupuncture treatment that will hopefully slow the disease’s progression and regain some lost vision. It is temporary, but our hope is that we buy some time till a cure is developed.
The Detour: instead of only writing about books, food, gardening etc, for the next few weeks, I will journal our WV experience. If this doesn’t suit your fancy, feel free to take a break from my blog until December. I hope that the detour restores my mojo and I’ll be back to “Normal” whatever that is!
A side benefit, as my friend Emily pointed out: this is an opportunity to launch my next career as a travel writer! So fasten your seatbelts…this could prove to be an interesting ride into the wonderful world of West Virginia!
Also, I’m learning how to blog from my iPad! Too many new things?, you ask. Probably so, but I say: bring it on!!!


5 Responses to “Detour!”

  1. jack downing Says:

    How is Meg by the way? Is she aware of the details of the situation? I assume Dennis fully researched the acupuncture therapy and found it to be worth the trip. Our prayers are with you all..
    Uncle Jake, and the East Coast Downings!!

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Meghan is fully on board. She has some very positive experiences with acupuncture–thanks to Cindy in Canada. This doctor is offering the only form of treatment for this condition…so, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thanks for all your love and support. We truly appreciate it. xo

  2. Thalia Chaltas Says:

    Safe travel and a grand education to you all! My hugs are with you…

  3. Ellen Says:

    You go Pearl!!!

  4. CHUCK Says:

    great luck to you all i’m about to turn 60 and i have had stargartd’s since the age of 15 , i myself am waiting for advanced cell tech ( actc) to finish their study , to find out more go to google alerts and print STARGARTD’S GOOD LUCK TO US ALL —-THANK YOU —CHUCK

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