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We’re still here… November 20, 2011

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After a week of acupuncture in small town West Virginia on our own, family swooped in for a wonderful weekend! They arrived from Austin and Boston. We couldn’t have been happier to see them! Actually our delight would have been complete if Dennis was with us too…someone has to be at home for the pets and house and work–thanks Dennis!

Both Seanny and Erin tried out acupuncture for various ailments and to show solidarity with Meghan. They were so brave!

We met a fascinating true blue West Virginian miner on Saturday. Harold was involved in the coal industry for almost 60 years. I was intrigued by his stories and his life. He had his mining helmet (circa 1950) in the truck and let us all try it on!




Aunt Denise provided some welcome retail therapy…and the collection of barbies grew again, including a pink convertible!
Several enjoyable swims in the pool and jacuzzi, some Starbucks time, a leisurely drive through the countryside and a really tasty dinner last night=a much needed break from the intense therapy schedule we have been keeping.
Meg had a second scan on Wednesday to track any progress. There were some obvious, positive changes. Additionally we noticed that she is able to watch tv farther back than before. We have 15 more treatments before we head home. We’ll have a final scan and eye chart test at that time. Fingers crossed for good results! The doctor said that improvement can continue for up to 3 weeks following the last treatment.


Our final hours together in WV were spent getting pedis (a Downing tradition).


Thank you so much Denise, Erin and Seanny! We loved spending time with you–it was an unexpected and restorative visit for us.
Thank you also to my readers–your feedback is most appreciated.


2 Responses to “We’re still here…”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Woo Hoo! Go Acupuncture. Can’t believe you didn’t try it too, ya big chicken 😉 Tell Meg the GS troop missed her. Look forward to her return for the SB Holiday Parade.


  2. We are so happy to hear a positive report on the treatments thus far. The “crew” looked like they enjoyed themselves as well. Not all of the Downings are into pedi’s though. Yuckkkkkkkk..

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