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Home at last… November 28, 2011

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We are back!  Treatment finished on Wednesday evening.  We packed and were on an airplane Thursday at 5:30am East Coast time.  5 airports later, we were wolfing down a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner lovingly planned and prepared by Dennis!

I’m still processing the whole experience.  It’s interesting to reflect on a trip and have such ambivalence.  I, the fearless, curious, adventurous, intrepid traveler, who never wants a trip to end, couldn’t wait to get home.  Several factors must be considered though:

        • Dennis was not with us.
        • West Virginia in November is the opposite of my ideal–cold, wet, snowy, grey, barren.
        • Dining options were limited (a lot of fried items, sketchy availability of fresh veggies and fruit, the low carb trend hasn’t hit yet…)
        • No opportunities to explore the area (we were in treatment from 8:30am-5pm, with short breaks throughout the day)

Ironically, the day I disliked the most was one of Meghan’s faves!

She wanted it to snow almost as much as I didn’t want it to!

So overall, what was our assessment of the acupuncture?  Final scans and vision testing indicated a 20% improvement + a 1.5 line gain on the eye chart test.  This is positive.

When we consider our initial goals for the treatment (slowing the disease’s progress and/or regaining some vision), we must view this as success.

We return to UCLA soon to meet with a Low Vision expert and to begin genetic testing.  This appointment will be a full 2 weeks after the final acupuncture treatment.  Meg should be at the apex of the benefits of the acupuncture so we can truly evaluate.  Pending that, we will decide if we try  West Virginia again or not.  Without question, if we go back, it will NEVER be in the winter!

Stay tuned for a post UCLA visit update!

In the meantime, we have much to be thankful for:

  • Our grant application for the CCTV has been approved!  Hopefully it will be delivered soon!
  • We returned to amazing weather!  High 70’s, sunny…
  • über low tide and a spectacular beach walk.
  • A month till Christmas when we’ll see our family from Austin and Boston again.
  • Happy and healthy.
  • Lucky us!

Again, thank you to all my readers and drop-by’ers.  Your support and interest is sustaining.  We appreciate every good thought, prayer and action…



5 Responses to “Home at last…”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Yeah! What GREAT results! I’m glad you’re back. Did Meg feel it was worth it?

  2. Good news, that. We are all praying for meg and you guys. What is with the cctv thing? Love to all.

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Thanks Jack! A cctv is a video camera with a monitor. It enlarges whatever you point the camera at. Click on the word CCTV in my blog…it brings you to a link of a sample cctv for example.

  3. mac Says:

    Nice pics! And thx for the follw 🙂

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