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A Monterey Holiday February 21, 2012

Last week Dennis and I headed North to Monterey.  While we weren’t “manning the booth” at the conference, we managed to enjoy some of the Monterey charms.

The shoreline is without doubt the highlight of the area.  I managed to find several hours to read books on a bench facing the bay.  Serene and breathtaking, it was the perfect place to lose myself in a great book–2 books in fact!  I finished up Seabiscuit and then hoovered The Hunger Games.  I enjoyed The Hunger Games so much I had to get the next 2 books in the series for my Kindle App right away!

Since Dennis is an avid golfer we took a tour on the famous 17 Mile Drive. While Dennis drooled over the manicured greens and daunting sand traps, I marveled at the tempestuous sea and rocky beach–something for everyone!  It was worth the $9.50(!) charge to drive through the area…

After a successful conference, Mom, Dad and Meg joined us for the weekend.  Our primary goal was to visit the aquarium.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a remarkable place indeed.  Per wikipedia, the aquarium was established in 1984 utilizing property of the former Hovden (sardine) Cannery of Cannery Row (familiar due to the John Steinbeck novel ).  Two HUGE tanks showcase fish, turtles, giant kelp and many other marine creatures.

Meg liked the Open Seas exhibit the best.

I liked the jelly fish.

Dad liked the puffin enclosure.

Mom liked the sea dragons.

It was a full day of visual stimulation.  Our viewing strategy involved pre-purchasing our tickets at AAA so we could whiz past the guests waiting to buy tickets!  We walked right up to Will Call and entered the museum (at a discounted rate, to boot!).  We hit some of the most popular spots before the crowds descended.  We left the aquarium for several hours over lunch and re-entered for another few hours in the afternoon.  It worked out great, and I recommend this plan for those attending on holiday weekends especially!

Next day we took a brief stroll on the boardwalk in Seaside (town next to  Monterey).  The sand dunes and wild seas were impressive.

On the way home we stopped off to see the Elephant Seals in San Simeon.  It was a wild and wooly afternoon–gale winds and really cold temps blowing off the Pacific.  Despite the blustery weather, it was a fascinating experience.  Add this to your “don’t miss” list!

We also passed by some impressive kite surfers!  What a rush!

Then, home sweet home!


Glass Blowing.  I found a really cool blog that featured beautiful photos of the process.  Check it out:

Recipes:  Korean Roast Chicken Thighs–tasty and easy!


5 Responses to “A Monterey Holiday”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time…
    I noted the ‘likes’ at the aquarium ie. Meg liked the open sea exhibit
    You liked the jellyfish
    Your dad, liked the puffin fish enclosure
    Your mom, liked the sea dragons
    And alas, poor Dennis…Likes Fried Clams… (Ipswich clams not available)

    Heee,heee…Hoping all is well with all..

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Hi Jake! We had a great time indeed…alas, Dennis didn’t stick around for the aquarium–he came home to look after Frankie and Buddy 😦

      • Well he would have been disappointed with the “whole fried clam” thing anyway..So glad all is well with everyone there, please keep in touch..Sorry to rush, but work is on my horizon this pm. Love to all,

  2. mj monaghan Says:

    Monterey is gorgeous, and the 17 mile drive is spectacular and well worth it. So glad you had a good time.

    Have you seen the Hunger Games movie yet? Now I really want to read the books.

    • cdnpearly Says:

      I’m going to the HG movie next weekend–my sister is flying in from Canada for a holiday, so we’re going together. Can’t wait! Let me know how you enjoy the books.

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