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Tracking Spring… April 4, 2012

It’s Spring at last!  I’ve been tracking its arrival over the past few weeks…

Nightblooming jasmine…The perfume is simply intoxicating!

Rhubarb and snap peas peaking through the soil…I even found a couple of heirloom tomatoes (from Siberia originally) that like cool climates–I’m hopeful for a running start on tomato season.  We’ll see!

Strawberries at the market…

Of course daffodils and hyacinths.  No tulips for me (I was stunned to learn that I need to put the bulbs in the fridge to fool them into thinking that they had a winter!  They seem a little “precious” for the few weeks they would bloom here).

The California Lilac (aka Ceanothus) has been spectacular as well…

There are several places in Santa Barbara where the wisteria seems to explode in magnificence…it’s a contest:  First person to comment with at least one of the locations will be mentioned with honors in my next post!

Of course, it’s also the season of Girl Scout cookies…Hope you all stocked up with your faves before the ubiquitous cookie booths closed up till next year!

My baby peach tree had some promising blossoms…

Classic sweet peas (dad planted them in September) are finally showing off…

And, a puppy!  Meet Bella (Lucie and Lou’s new addition)…an adorable white akita.

And of course with life (read POLLEN) bursting out all over, where would I be without my friend Nasonex????

How is spring where you are?  How do you track the season?

A few updates:

Hunger Games book club dessert:  Poison berry cake.  It wasn’t actually poison berry!  But it was a tasty combo of Trader Joe’s vanilla cake (from the box mix–SO good!); cream cheese/goat cheese frosting(a nod to Prim’s goats) and crushed blackberries cooked with some orange juice…a few whole black berries on top to jazz it up a bit!

I’m currently reading My Name Is Mary Sutter…not in love with it yet.  We’ll see…

My sister arrives on Friday, so next post will cover our adventures including:  a trip to Santa Cruz Island (we both are prone to seasickness, so I’ll keep video to a minimum); a redux visit to the glassblowing studio; beach walking; Hunger Games movie; Easter brunch at Lisa’s; Modern Family season 2…

Finally, we are participating in the Santa Barbara Foundation Fighting Blindness VisionWalk on April 28, 2012.  Meghan’s Posse will be strolling (5K through Chase Palm Park) to raise awareness and funds for retinal disease research.  We feel that this group will help us find a cure for Meg’s Stargardt’s disease.  If you’d like to join us for the walk, or donate, please click HERE to find out more about it.  A huge THANK YOU to all who have contributed.  We are very grateful.


8 Responses to “Tracking Spring…”

  1. Erica Storm Says:

    Spring is here! The frogs are chirping away and we have the smallest patch of Wisteria in the creek. Was that location on your list? 🙂 I also know of a bunch right by Rocky Nook Park.
    Love the blog, thanks for sharing!

    • cdnpearly Says:

      Erica! You are the first responder! I’m not familiar with these wisteria sightings, but they totally count! You are the WINNER! Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. mmp_sb Says:

    I was going to say that gorgeous fence at the corner of Fairview and Cathedral Oaks!

  3. Thalia Says:

    There’s also a magnificent stretch of wisteria on the 101…

  4. mj monaghan Says:

    Ah, spring is a beautiful time of year. Up here in Northern California, things started blooming back in Feb, but things are really popping over the last month. And you’re right, that means allergies for a lot of people!

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