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Resolutions: 2013 January 4, 2013

The hoopla is behind us and we are in the midst of the next season:  resolutions…the making and breaking of.

I generally make a list at the beginning of the year. I check in with them at Half Christmas (June 25) to assess/toss/renew/add to the list.

It has proven an effective method of changing and introducing habits.  For example:  last year one of my resolutions was to change over and stick with iCal (calendar app for MAC).  One of the best things I’ve done!  Phone, iPad and computer all synced automatically…color coded for events and personnel.  It rocks!  And, it’s now part of my day-to-day world.  Success!

This year I’m committing my resolutions to the cyber world by means of my blog.  I’ve found that if I announce decisions to the public, I’m more likely to follow through–public shaming is an effective tool in sticking to a goal!

In no particular order:

IMG_11981.  3 Day Body Cleanse/Detox

Alison, Heidi and I are done with the Dr. Oz’s 3 Day program.  It has been an interesting, but manageable regime.  If you are thinking of doing this, let me give you some of my successful tips:  Use a Vitamix or some other powerful blender–it melanges the shake ingredients into a smoothie-type consistency…no chunks of kale or cucumber at all.  Also, for those with precious taste buds like me, I recommend dialing back the cayenne in the dinner drink…it was WAY too spicy for me.  So far I’ve lost a few pounds (which is good), but more importantly, it brought my snacking habit  into full view.  I didn’t realize how many times I grab a few macadamia, or almonds or dark chocolate from the pantry.  I had the idea that since I wasn’t snacking on carbs (processed carbs = Satan), it didn’t really count.  I definitely need to look at the quantity of between-meal snacks I enjoy. I’ll give this cleanse another whirl at Half Christmas.

2.  Half MarathonIMG_1197

8 years ago I achieved Black Belt…which was great.  But, I need a new fitness goal.  It must be challenging and defined.  Santa Barbara hosts an annual International Marathon in November.  I know many participants and their successes inspired me to give it a try.  I interviewed several runners and researched my training options–I am NOT a runner by any stretch!  I settled on the Couch to Half Marathon program.  It really takes you from no running to 13.1 miles in a very civilized and do-able manner.  The early stages involve a series of interval training workouts.  I found the Seconds Pro app to be perfect for these runs.  This app allows you to share programmed intervals with others–very handy when you’re training with a group.  I am fortunate to be running with a posse of 3 other women.  The peer pressure has been very effective in keeping us on the schedule.  I haven’t missed one run yet!  Oh, and I bought some awesome running shoes:  Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13.  The fine people at Santa Barbara Running helped me make the selection.  Thanks for your help!

3.  Progress Toward Travel Writing Career

I love traveling.  I love writing (my university degree is actually in english literature).  I recently discovered a new genre:  Travel Writing, thanks to Bill  Bryson’s In A Sunburned Country.  It was a revelation!  I can combine 2 of my favorite things!  Part of my purpose in writing this blog is to develop my audience and writing skills.  In November I submitted an article about my Africa adventures to a great website called the Bucket List.  Imagine my delight when it was accepted and published!  Check it out here:  Bucket List Publications.  I plan on honing my writing skills and developing a larger following…stay tuned!  This is also a wonderful way to expand my travel adventure opportunities!

IMG_0738 IMG_57904.  Celebrate My Parents 50th Anniversary

Maurice and Ruth were married in August, 50 years ago.  We will gather in Canada this summer to observe their inspiring accomplishment.  You can be sure there will be a blog posting about this momentous occasion.

5.  Raise Funds For Foundation Fighting Blindness

As my readers know, our daughter has been diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease.  Simply put, it is a rare juvenile form of Macular Degeneration, resulting in rapid vision loss.  Presently there is no cure.  Foundation is an amazing group that funds research aimed at finding cures for retinal disease.  We participated in the annual Santa Barbara Vision Walk last year.  Shortly after that wonderful event, we were invited to join a clinical study at UCLA–Jules Stein Eye Institute which involves extensive testing and data tracking.  This study, amongst many others, is funded by Foundation.  It feels like the right thing to do–support a group that will find a cure for our daughter and many others who suffer with devastating vision loss.  Interesting in joining us?  Here’s the website for Meghan’s Posse–our team at the 2013 Santa Barbara Vision Walk.

IMG_62006.  Create Some New Art

I plan to create some new stained glass mosaics.  And, take a few more glass blowing classes with Saul Alcaraz…photos to follow!

7.  Enjoy Santa BarbaraIMG_8539

I’m lucky enough to live in paradise.  I’m always dismayed how infrequently I get to the beach.  I resolve to visit the seaside regularly.  It’s tonic to my soul…and it’s free!

I’m sure that I will come up with some other resolutions, but that’s a wrap for now.

Did you resolve anything?  What are your New Year’s plans?


10 Responses to “Resolutions: 2013”

  1. You’re a travelogue waiting to happen.. Git ‘R’ Done…Best of luck with all of your resolutions this year..

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    You have some great resolutions and don’t you just love Bill Bryson??? I love his work and you can so make your two loves come together in that way! Good on ya!!! Can’t wait to see how all your goals progress over the months!!!

  3. You are a good resolution-maker Pearl! I am inspired to do the same, you’ve given me some ideas. Plus, I am in one of your resolutions already so that’s pretty good 🙂

  4. Lara Says:

    Pearl! Congratulations on realizing you are a travel writer! Your entries are a joy to read – I’m glad you have found even more motivation to pursue your writing and are sharing it with others. Thank you for sharing your resolutions, too. I think you found a key to successfully completing goals – announcing them to others and articulating them in writing. Love from Seoul – Lara

  5. […] year, as always, I created a set of resolutions to guide me through the year…pushing myself to be better.  One of the biggies was “run […]

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