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Running and Painting… September 24, 2013

Not at the same time!

Prepared Girl & Me before the She Is Beautiful 5k

Prepared Girl & Me before the She Is Beautiful 5k

Last weekend Prepared Girl and I participated in the 2nd annual She Is Beautiful Run at Santa Barbara’s East Beach.

Katie, Me and Kimmie

Katie, Me and Kimmie

It was a glorious celebration of women and pink and fitness and the spectacular Santa Barbara beach.

Despite a hiatus in my training, Prepared Girl and I finished the 5k a respectable 23 & 24 out of the 252 women in our age group!  We ran the whole course–no walking!  Even on the hills!

Sneaker Bling

Sneaker Bling

BeeCause Sneaker Charms offered a great selection of shoe bling!

We had a cheering squad to meet us as we sprinted across the finish line!  Thanks Katie and Kimmie!

If you are a runner, or are thinking about becoming a runner…if you live in Santa Barbara or need an excuse to visit:  I recommend trying this event next year.  There is a 10k race and a mommy/baby category as well.  It’s a super-positive and fun run!


Blank Canvas


Getting started…

And now for the painting!

Crafty Mama and I took advantage of a sweet Living Social Deal at the Painted Cabernet in Santa Barbara.  It’s a delightful wine bar/paint class–quite civilized really!

We arrived to find paper-covered tables topped with blank canvases.  Our welcoming hostesses walked us through loading up our palettes and selecting our beverage.


About half way…

Our artist/instructor was awesome!  She took us through the creative process step-by-step, meeting each “artist” at their comfort level–some had painted before and didn’t require much hand holding, while others were timid and appreciated her positive encouragement and suggestions.

Me & Crafty Mama

Me & Crafty Mama


Almost finished…

As we worked on our masterpieces, a kick butt sound track played in the background–a great mix of upbeat tunes.

It was fascinating to wander around the studio seeing all the incarnations of the sample picture–we are all truly individuals!  If you look closely you can see that I included a tiny elephant as homage to my wonderful Africa safari (can it really be a year since I was there??)

This is another Santa Barbara experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to locals and tourists alike.  Browse the Painted Cabernet’s Calendar to see which project strikes your fancy and then book it!  You won’t regret it!


7 Responses to “Running and Painting…”

  1. craftymamaE Says:

    i especially appreciate this post!!! XOXOX well done – 23/252!!!!!


  2. Great photos and captions. I had fun camping out in your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂

  3. Your talents are limitless and your energy is boundless. Congrats to the both of you on your run times, fantastic finish!.

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