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Santa Barbara Open Streets–Calles Vivas! November 2, 2013

Open StreetsAs if I needed another reason to love Santa Barbara!  Today was the inaugural Open Streets event.  Per Sunday Streets in San Francisco, the concept of “Open Streets” originated in Bogota, Columbia in 1976.  “Ciclovia” has been expanded there and now encompasses 70% of 20 different neighborhoods!  A great idea like this catches on fast and now cities from Kiev to Tokyo enjoy Open Streets!IMG_1965

Beautiful Cabrillo Boulevard hugs the beach as it curves through Santa Barbara.  Usually it’s jam-packed with tourists and locals alike, driving and taking in the beauty.  But today the street was owned by pedestrians, bicyclists, and skateboarders.  Truly, it could not have been more idyllic!  The weather was perfect, the stroll-ers were happy with lots to see and do…


We arrived early in the day and parked at the Amtrak lot.  A few steps later, the traffic was forgotten as we meandered smack down the middle of Cabrillo.

We sampled a great dance class provided by Santa Barbara Dance Institute and took in some face painting along the way.

IMG_1974An on-the-spot poet created magical poems for us on topics ranging from Cats, Birds to Pearls!IMG_1969

IMG_1967Meg and Cat Girl were the first to try out the Firefighters obstacle course and set the bar high for following competitors!

The carousel is always popular!IMG_1962

After walking the 2.5 miles of the Open Street, we decided that our dogs had had enough.  Chris from Santa Barbara Pedicab delivered us back to our car in style, with a side stop at the amazing BIG tree in the Amtrak lot!

IMG_1972What a great day!  I hope you had a chance to take it in.  AND I hope it becomes an annual event.  It’s a unique way to see and enjoy our beautiful city!


4 Responses to “Santa Barbara Open Streets–Calles Vivas!”

  1. kathleen Says:

    What fun! Didn’t even know this was happening. Soo much to do in SB 🙂 Call us next time, we’d love to join you.

  2. mj monaghan Says:

    Makes me miss California so much. Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful places in the state.

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