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It’s All About Me… April 1, 2012


Why did I choose the name Cdnpearly?

It’s a condensed form of Canadian and Pearly, a nod to my heritage and my name.

So why did I start a blog?

I encouraged my employer to start a blog.  “It’s what everyone is doing these days”, I said.  “You have to have a blog”, I said. “Blog blog blog…”

My employer said, “YOU start a blog!”  Since I didn’t have a clue how to do it, I decided to be the guinea pig and try it out on my own before I created one for the company.  The learning curve was steep!  However, I found I thoroughly enjoyed blogging, so I kept at it even after I had learned enough to start-up the professional one for my boss.

What is my blog about?

Excellent question!  I write about things that interest me including (but not limited to) gardening, travel, pottery, books, cooking, photography, family, friends, writing, adventure, great deals, interesting tidbits…

What is my background?

I am a wife, a mother, a black belt, a potter, a traveler, a Canadian, an American, a pet owner, an artist, a chef (well, I do enjoy cooking!), a reader, a blogger, a gardener, a photographer…list to be developed as I discover new things.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Hope you enjoy it and feel free to tell your friends about it too!


3 Responses to “It’s All About Me…”

  1. Calla Gold Says:

    I like the story of how you became a blogger!

  2. Julie Sorensen Says:

    I found your blog by searching for stargardts and acupuncture. I enjoy reading about Megs journey with her eye vision. My daughter was diagnosed Feb 2012 with Stargardts, actually we are awaiting the genetic testing to see if it is stargardts for sure. We have been seen at Casey Eye Institute in Portland Oregon. I am researching to see what success people have had going to the acupuncture clinics for treatment. I would live to talk to you more through email if you don’t mind.

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