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Creepy crawlies of the safari! Africa: Part 4 November 17, 2012

Along with the Big Five and the Also Ran’s of the safari, there is a stratum of creatures that also deserve mention.  I call them creepy crawlies.  As my readers will recall, I’m not enamored with lizards (see Fauna Troubles post).  In fact, I recently experienced a near coronary when a small lizard appeared on my car’s dash board as I hurtled down the 101 in rush hour…

Nevertheless, I feel these African snakes/bugs/lizards should have their moment in the sun. So, here goes…

This beautiful Emperor Moth was a lovely center piece on the outdoor bar at Idube.  It’s quite big–likely 2″ across.

We came across this lonely terrapin in a quiet pond…And that concludes the pretty creepy/crawlie section of my blog!

We saw a couple of crocodiles on our drives…They weren’t too active, but still thrilling to see them in their natural habitat.

These giant millipedes were everywhere.  They look slimy, but they actually have a hard shell.  A memorable incident involved one landing on my leg as we toured around.  I must have made a distressed sound (I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a moment)…in any case, Rob and Ronald both whipped around quickly to see what was up.  I, paralyzed with fear, could only watch with relief as Rob the Ranger plucked the beast and gently flicked it away.  Normal breathing resumed after a few minutes!

There were lizards!  All sorts, all sizes!  After spending some time around these guys, I actually feel much better about the little lizards that hang around our yard!  It’s all in the perspective, people!  Rob has a real affinity for lizards and snakes.  I trusted his assessment of the threat level(minimal) and actually touched this one–a rock monitor!!  Click here for video footage of the event!

During our last night drive, we came across this scorpion.  It glows when in the presence of a blue light–which one of the drivers happened to have on hand!

And then this happened!

Yes folks, that is a 2m python!  It was crossing the trail in front of us, at night.  Ronald’s eagle eyes spied it and Rob screeched to a halt and before we knew what was happening, he had the snake in hand and it was wrapping around his arm.  Pythons are constricting snakes, btw.  Rob cheerfully brought the snake jeep-side so we could have a really good look at it. Click here for video footage of Rob carrying the snake.  I’m not sure what possessed me, but I touched it!  What a rush!  It’s true that travel stretches you in the most unexpected ways and I must say, that touching both a big lizard and a huge snake were growth moments for me!

So, which creepy crawly did you like the best?