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Outdoor Art? Yes please! June 25, 2014

Yarnbomb at Lizard's Mouth

Yarnbomb at Lizard’s Mouth

Living in the paradise that is Santa Barbara, I sometimes wonder, “How could this nirvana possibly be any better?”  And, then something like The Yarnbomb appears and magically, my beautiful adopted hometown exceeds even my own expectations!IMG_2747

Wait!  What?  Yarnbomb?IMG_0529

IMG_2744Yes!  Yarnbomb:  a permanent or temporary art installation created with fibre/yarn.  There are many wonderful examples all over the world–one of my favorites is a pink yarnbombed tank!  Recently however, Santa Barbara was graced with a fantastic yarnbomb at Lizard’s Mouth--a hiking destination in the mountains above Santa Barbara.  A local artist known as The Yarnbomber collaborated with international and American fibre artists and everyday folk who like to knit, crochet or “brochet” (aka: men who crochet) to create a spectacular collage of 19 boulder cozies.  We trekked up the mountains and were able to view it early in the morning.  Definitely worth getting up for!  My friend George snapped a couple close up shots so you can see the variety of work and patterns that contributed to the breathtaking mosaic.  If you have a hankering to go and check it out for yourself, you’ll be disappointed…the installation was fleeting and is now being repurposed into future projects or donated to charity.  Follow The Yarnbomber to learn about his interesting past and planned projects.10445594_10152404525544361_1317191361_o

I might even be inspired to attempt yarnbombing sometime!  Stand by…




Chumash style chalk art

IMG_0547At the same time, the annual i Madonnari festival was underway at the Santa Barbara Mission.  This event features chalk artists creating images on the pavement surrounding the church.  IMG_0545It’s a popular event with lots of locals and tourists swarming wandering the grounds, so I waited a few days and browsed at my leisure.


Do you know where this one is located?

While I was planning this blog post, I happened to notice a few other outdoor art installations in our beautiful city.

How about this one?

How about this one?


Guesses where this one is?



Locals–can you identify where these pics were taken?

All in all, Santa Barbara is a wonderful place to experience art in the great outdoors!  Any alfresco art in your ‘hood?